***Due to COVID-19 and the guidance from local public health agencies, we strongly recommend and encourage all  participants of our in-person activities to be vaccinated, but it is not required. However, if you are not  vaccinated, you will be required to wear face coverings. 

For additional details, please contact us at 561.291.8776.

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To successfully operate and managed any assisted living or senior housing business, you have to possess the proper knowledge and skills. Assisted Living and Health Services provides a learning experience that is designed to educate and empower the attendee.

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Quality Assurance/Consulting Services

If you own or manage a small or large assisted living or senior housing business, you want to plan for the future, take control of your finances, or simply focus on the successful operations. Assisted Living and Health Services understands the unique challenges that businesses face, from starting, managing day-to-day operations to sales, marketing and beyond. Assisted Living and Health Services has been providing quality advice and expertise to business owners for many years based on real-world experience.

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Services offered

  • Licensure Application Preparation
  • Staff Training & Development
  • Survey Preparation
  • Record Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Small Business Planning

Assisted Living and Health Services offers its clients peace of mind with the operation of their business.

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